Gowanus Manufacturing Calendar 2020


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The  calendar showcases the vibrancy of manufacturing  in Gowanus and was shot by Gowanus Wild photographer Miska Draskoczy. 

The 12 local businesses included are a representative cross section of the diverse industries active in Gowanus and the goods they produce for the local, national and international market, including caskets, ironwork, wood working, metal fabrication, lettuce, ceramics, beauty products, stone work, plaster of paris, plumbing, cardboard recycling, and printing. The calendar also focuses on the people and often multigenerational families that run and work at these businesses. 

Companies featured are: South Brooklyn Casket Company, Architectural Grille, US Recycling, AJ Ironworks, FullBleed Printing, The New Motor, Stephen, Claireware Pottery, Even Keel, Marble Onyx Granite & Terrazzo, Go Greener Pluming, and Gotham Greens.

The stunning photographs by Miska Draskoczy are complimented by descriptions of each business, including their relationship to Gowanus, and a map of their locations in Gowanus. 

Saddle Stitched, 11" x 8.5" shrink wrapped. 

 Download the press release here.

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