Gowanus Wild - Tree Rubbing Edition


Gowanus Wild - Tree Rubbing Edition

by Miska Draskoczy & Keiko Miyamori

Artist Keiko Miyamori and photographer Miska Draskoczy collaborated to bring Keiko’s long running tree rubbings project to Miska’s Gowanus Wild photo series.

Miska’s book, Gowanus Wild, is an exploration of nature and wilderness in the contaminated industrial neighborhood of Gowanus, Brooklyn and was photographed from 2012-2013. In 2018 Miska and Keiko tracked down all of the trees photographed in the book and found the ones still standing, from which Keiko made a series of tree rubbings.

The rubbing and print paired here are presented as a special edition to commemorate the changing local environment of Gowanus.  As new construction and development remove many of the neighborhood’s trees, only a handful have survived in even the five years since the photographs were made. How many trees will continue to exist and whether they will be replaced with concrete or new foliage, remains to be seen.


Gowanus Wild Press: The New York Times, The New Yorker, HyperallergicThe Atlantic, KATALOGTime Out

Gowanus Wild Photobook exhibitions: Vermont Center for PhotographyPhoenix Art Museum, Davis Orton Gallery, Griffin Museum of Photography, Month of Photography Los Angeles

11.75" x 12.375", 57 color photographs, 120 pages
hardcover, paper on boards w/ stamped text
printed on LumiSilk 170gsm

Edition of 1000

ISBN 978-0-9978163-0-3

Published in conjunction with the Gowanus Canal Conservancy
with support from Arts Gowanus

Also available: Collector's Edition w/ signed print

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